What is 'A Ludoteca'?

'A Ludoteca' is the first and only portuguese collective of both professional and amateur game creators. Besides working on our own separate projects, we are also game activists and evangelists.

Our mais goal is having a positive impact on the growth of portuguese games' ecosystem on multiple fronts, such as networking and knowledge-sharing, promoting initiatives related to game development, and giving visibility to our community abroad.

A Ludoteca is a volunteer based organization, serving as activists and evangelists for the portuguese games' ecosystem. Our mission statement and goals is to work to bring and nurture the game's development industry in Portugal.

Our main activities include:

  • Actively organize meetups, game jams and other game development focused events.
  • Invest on education, by working with schools and communities to give rise to more and better games, share resources and create a meaningful heritage.
  • Partner with other organizations in the field to create an information sharing network, enhance each’s capabilities and discover new initiatives.
  • Centralize all available information about what exists in Portugal: studios, developers, games, contacts, statistics, etc.

Interested in becoming a volunteer and helping grow the portuguese games' ecosystem? Send us an email at hello@aludoteca.org.

We'll be look forward to collaborating with you!